PanIIT fund is a Social Fund regulated under the Social Fund section of the AIF Regulations 2012 of the Securities Exchange Board of India. The Fund is the official fund of the IIT Alumni Council, the nodal body for alumni of all IITs. The Fund is autonomous and independent of the IITs. It is a private initiative of select eminent alumni of the IITs from around the world. The Fund has an approved target corpus of Rs 3,000 crores.

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Focus Area

The nation building activities of the IIT Alumni Council are closely aligned with India’s stated objective to evolve into a leading global soft power offering its citizens a good quality of life. The PanIIT Fund is focused on four key result areas – self sufficiency in import substitution sectors, global leadership in new economy sectors, world class research centres and support infrastructure for social entrepreneurship

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Council Members

The PanIIT Fund is organised around the four result areas and the five sub areas under each area. The The core team comprises of four sets of IIT Alumni – the donors, the board members, the management and the advisory teams. The Board members are independent and are regulated practising professionals from fields like accounting, legal, investment banking and technology.

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About Us

IIT Alumni have the range and depth of experience, and importantly, credibility to effectively help address several major challenges facing India. They are manifestly relevant to meeting national goals such as (digital) empowerment, (social) inclusion and (entrepreneurship led) employment generation. The PanIIT Fund proposes to use paradigms from the venture capital industry to catalyse the creation of a social entrepreneurship ecosystem