Council Members

Team The PanIIT Fund rides on the IIT Alumni Movement led by the IIT Alumni Council. The overall team is hierarchy free and comprises of five groups – donors, board members, management team and advisors. These are further supplemented by the Global Councils of the IIT Alumni Council which include the Technology Council, the i2Net Council, Data Council etc. Directly and indirectly the Fund is engaged with around 2,000 IIT alumni residing across 100 cities of the world.Donors are organised as Patron Members and typically contribute between Rs 10 and Rs 100 crores to the corpus of the Fund. Founder Members are working members (called “general partners” in venture capital parlance) and typically contribute between Rs 25 lacs and Rs 10 crores. Donor members contribute between Rs 1 and Rs 10 crores to the corpus of the various IIT Alumni initiatives of their choice (which are duly approved by the IIT Alumni Council). It must be noted that the individual IIT Alumni Associations as well as several IIT Alumni entities are NOT related to or linked to the PanIIT Fund. Click to visit the IIT Alumni Community Portal

Aadarsh Gupta

B-Tech Electrical